Worldwide unique custom-crafted Mauser bolt action rifle with all parts made of titanium alloy – the best metal grade known today for premium applications.

The Fanzoj Titanium TI 1 is an impressive rifle. Its basic design is that of the famous, original Mauser M98, unsurpassed in over hundred years. At first sight. the weapon resembles other luxury rifles built by Fanzoj, only the silk-mat, charcoal shaded, perfect metal surface discloses that there is something “unconventional” about the weapon.

The incredible light weight of the rifle doesn’t strike you until you pick it up!

Titanium - properties

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Calibers: most CIP calibers from 6 – 8 mm
Action: Mauser M98 Action, all action made of (receiver, bolt, trigger guard assembly, safety etc) TITANIUM alloy, three-position safety on the side, direct adjustable trigger
Barrel: forged, cold-hammered barrels of high-tensile AMS steel (Aerospace Material Specification), open sights on request
Stock: made-to measure of luxury Circassian walnut burr
Engraving: corner scroll engraving, chiselled bolt, maker´s name, caliber and serial no. engraved; individual engraving available on request
Metal finish: high-tech surface coating for receiver and small parts
Weight: The TI 1 can be crafted to a very lightweight rifle, we prefer to build it to a “good” weight:
A carabine in cal. 8x68S will have 3,00 kg, in spite of a very stable 17mm diameter barrel. In comparison, a 308W weighs in at just 2.5kg, which makes a lot of sense for this caliber.
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