Built around a modified Anson&Deeley action for tremendous strength & reliability, with unique intercepting sears (!) preventing double firing; ultra-strong triple-lock system: double underlug lungs, fitted on the draws, combined with the Doll´s head third bite; automatic ejectors; chopperlump barrels made of highest quality Böhler chrome steel.

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Calibers: .22Hornet – 600NE
Action: modified Anson&Deeley mechanism, with unique intercepting sears for added handling security; extended top strap and trigger guard, double underlug lungs, fitted on the draws (i.e. rear barrel hook swings into the action face), Doll´s head lock; with automatic ejectors, manual safety
Triggers: Double trigger, with articulated front trigger
Barrels: Chopperlump barrels of highest quality Böhler chrome steel, quarter rib, wide V-rear sight with one or more folding leaves and flip-over moon sight. Regulated to stipulated range and bullet weight
Stock: Custom made of most exclusive Circassian walnut burr, Old-English recoil pad (covered in leather on request), finest hand-rubbed oil finish, push-button forend
Metal finish: Rust Blue barrels, Coin Finish (anti-corrosion nitro-hardening) or Case Colored receiver and small parts
Engraving: Individual engrav
Optional: Scope mount
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