Hunting with combined Shotgun/Rifles or multi-barreled guns is a typically Continental hunting tradition, where many different types of game live in close proximity in small habitats. Combination weapons allow the hunter to collect different game with one and the same weapon. A very practical solution for hunting ranges with diverse game whose shooting seasons overlap.

From the gunmaker's point of view, the crafting of combined guns & rifles represents the highest challenge. From the individual design aimed at crafting a weapon that will be a pleasure to handle, to the conjoining of multiple barrels, the building of the inner mechanisms and last but not least the regulating and test-shooting of multiple barrels, combined weapons and multi-barrelled guns are the true test of expert craftsmanship.

Rare and unique items - “Grande Complications” of gun making - are created here at times.

Fanzoj is probably one of the last gunsmiths who masters the art of building a large variety of multi-barrelled weapons at the highest level of craftsmanship.

We are proud to present some examples of our outstanding work.

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