The goal here was to achieve a synthesis of tradition object and modern precision tool:

   - Excellent precision
   - High-Tech materials
   - Maximum handling
   - Absolute aesthetics

The incarnation of classic values synthesized with unprecedented technical sophistication.

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Caliber: available in all CIP CALIBERS
Mechanism: ultra strong “kippblock” lock designed for exceptional durability & to withstand highest pressures by modern cartridges; with safety thumb-cocking mechanism; especially short travel of cocking- and opening lever; direct trigger
Barrel: Made of high-tensile quality barrel steel, stress-relieved, with a fully integral rib and rib extension, based on the Rigby rising-bite principle; visually nicely integrated into the action
Stock: Made to measure of strong Circassian Walnut, exquisitely grained, featuring a hand rubbed oil finish
Metal finish: Barrels rust-blued; all action parts finished with an anti-corrosive nitro-hardening process or traditional English color case hardening.

Barrel and lock parts may optionally be treated with a high-resistent diamond coating
Engraving: All engraving done to customer’s order
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