Tradition is not an achievement, it’s a challenge

Founded in 1790, the firm Johann Fanzoj looks back on a tradition of craftsmanship at the highest level upheld for more than nine generations. Shunning away from mass production, the firm remains dedicated to the tradition of creating unique hunting weapons by hand. Every year a small number of exclusive guns and rifles leaves Fanzoj´s workshop, handcrafted and customized to perfection, incorporating the customer´s aesthetic preferences and precision requirements. From the elegant “Pirschstutzen” , the light-weight three-barrelled rifle, to the big game double barrel rifles, every weapon is one of a kind.

Nowadays, hunters in all parts of the world rely on their unique Fanzoj guns and the company´s client roster reads like a “who is who” of international personalities. One of our most illustrious customers was certainly the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I, who hunted with an “Ischler Short Rifle”, the famous single shot hammer rifle from the house of Fanzoj at the turn of the 19th century.

With the current company director Daniela Fanzoj, her father Johann Fanzoj senior and her brother Patrick, the excitement for this unique craft is distinctly living on ensuring success in the future with creative and innovative ideas for production coupled with the traditional values of a family company.

For over two centuries, state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassed Old World craftsmanship have defined the hunting weapons handcrafted by the Johann Fanzoj company.

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