Big Game Double rifle

Fanzoj patented action

― A legendary double rifle with the classic lines and intrinsic best-gun handling ―

Built around our Fanzoj triggerplate action for tremendous strength and reliability, this large-caliber rifle features unique intercepting sears, an ultra-strong triple-lock system, automatic ejectors and chopper lump barrels made of highest quality Böhler chrome steel.

Technical Specifications


450NE, 450/400, 470NE, 500/.416, 500NE


Fanzoj triggerplate action, with unique intercepting sears for added handling security; extended top strap and trigger guard, double underlug lumps, fitted on the draws (i.e. rear barrel hook swings into the action face), doll’s head top extension; with automatic ejectors, manual safety


Double trigger, with articulated front trigger


Chopper lump barrels of highest quality Böhler chrome steel, quarter rib, wide V-rear sight with one or more folding leaves and flip-over moon sight. Regulated to stipulated range and bullet weight


Custom made of exclusive Circassian walnut burr, finest hand-rubbed oil finish


Individual engraving according to customer´s wish


Mounted with scope