The Shotgun with Small Rifle Barrel in the Rib


― Side-by-side shotgun with a little extra ―

We designed this model for those who appreciate having a virtually invisible rifle barrel in addition to two shotgun barrels – a handy feature for an accurate shot at longer ranges for hare, fox, vermin, deer, and such.

Set deep in the rib, the rifle barrel is hardly noticeable and we chose the .22 Hornet as a small, yet powerful centrefire cartridge. Without compromising on classic double shotgun function and aesthetics, the shooter now has the option of a rifle shot, if required.

This beautiful gun meets all the criteria of a well-balanced, easy to handle, elegant shotgun.

Technical Specifications


12/12 gauge with .22 Hornet


H&H-type sidelocks, automatic ejectors and double lock system with special selector mechanism (patent pending) that automatically switches the ejector off when activating the small rifle barrel.


Double triggers for right and left barrels; selector on the triggerplate for switching over to the rifle barrel


Custom made from luxury walnut burl


Top-quality Böhler steel, length 68 cm (27inch)


3.2 kg


Fine bouquet engraving; individual engraving to customer’s order


Special low scope mount, mounted to a Swarovski AV 3-9×36

― Beautifully innovative redesign of a traditional European combination gun ―