The Triple Shotgun

― The ingenious addition of a third barrel to a classy double shotgun ―

Our unique Johann Fanzoj Triple Shotgun features three shotgun barrels in the same calibre. It is light and well balanced, with the handling quality of the finest game gun. The third shot can be fired immediately, offering the ultimate advantage for hunting fowl or small game. Superb craftsmanship paired with the impeccable aesthetics of a classic shotgun.

A triple barrel gun that shoots with the ease of a double

Technical Specifications


20 gauge/28 gauge/.410


Unique H&H-type mechanism, manual safety


Top-quality Böhler steel, length 28 inches, chokes to customer’s requirements


Double triggers firing in the sequence: front trigger works as a single trigger for right, then left barrel; rear trigger for bottom barrel


Made to measure in luxury Circassian walnut burl


All engraving done to individual customer order


3 kg/6.6 lbs (20 ga)