Titanium - Modern Performance rifles

Titanium - Modern Performance rifles.

Why Titanium Rifles

Over the past few decades the demands placed on premium hunting rifles have increased considerably. Fanzoj clients look for impeccable aesthetics and perfect craftsmanship to go along with superior standards of functionality, accuracy and durability. They want to see achievement and competence in their customized luxury product. A desire for lighter weapons exists too, especially in the 6-9 mm range for long distance and mountain hunting.

This triggered our search for something new, something revolutionary in exclusive gunmaking, to seek a way to reduce weight, which ultimately led to our involvement with Titanium and, in 2010, the launch of our first TI model – a state-of-the-art hunting tool.

Myth Titanium

Titanium is the best metal grade known today for premium applications – (eg aerospace, Formula One, medicine..)

ULTRA-STRONG. Titanium alloys have a maximum tensile strength of up to 200,000 psi/ 1,380 N/mm2

ULTRA-LIGHT. Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any readily available structural metal –
Our Titanium action weighs 45% less than a regular Mauser steel action.

INDESTRUCTIBLE. Titanium is almost as resistant as platinum, capable of withstanding acids, moist chlorine gas,
and common salt solutions.

The Ultimate Challenge

Whomever uses titanium also knows the other side of the coin; namely how expensive, how challenging with which it is to work. Its ductile nature and rough surface causes high friction, which slows down machining – resulting in extremely high tool wear. The metal has to be cooled constantly. Any processing must take into account the fact that the material has a significant memory and tends to spring back.

At Fanzoj, we see the future as a universe of opportunities, with exciting possibilities in material technology and surface processes being far from exhausted. Utilizing Titanium is one of those unique opportunities in bespoken gunmaking, on this ever-ongoing path towards perfection, with the single goal of producing the finest individual pieces for the most discerning and individual of sportsmen – ultra-customized tools for the adventure of a lifetime.”