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We made it. Regardless of all the adverse circumstances of this year, we were able to realize a major project that will give us sustainable autonomy: The completion of our ultra-modern in-house shooting facility for testing the whole year round, regardless of weather or season. A truly historic moment-initiating an unparalled new level of customer service & sophistication in our company.

Gratification. The connection of idea, implementation and completion of a process has been successfully established. Now the creation can work into the future. An occasion to pause, to appreciate what has been achieved, and to come to full circle by means of a ritual.

Rituals are a snippet in time, forming a link to the past. They provide us with something to cherish, shared moments in time that unite us socially. This is how legends, annals of life are created and here concerning us it unfolds a new chapter in the history of our company.

We would like to share this moment of gratification. Come accompany us on walk 6 into our world of Top Craftmanship.


We didn’t want to let this October 23rd 2020, when we started to actually use the facility, pass by without symbolic recognition, so we initiated a private unveiling ceremony. In the presence of the core workshop team, under memorable circumstances in between lockdowns and at a respectfully prescribed distance from each other, this opening ceremony will probably always be remembered.

And this is a reason to celebrate. After three years of struggle with bureaucracy, approval procedures, requirements, we have put our own underground 100 m firing range into operation, in direct connection to our workshop, for two side-by-side shooters at a time. A mile stone. An important moment in our company history that gives us lasting autonomy and opens up a new level of sophistication and service to our customers. Here the course is set for the next 30–50 years.

In the nearest possible future we want to implement equipment for barrel measuring, as well as velocity & gas pressure measurement, which enables a level of PRECISION throughout our operation that no traditional premium gunmaker has ever attempted.

„The wooden marksman plate we had painted for this occasion portrays both our house’s affinity to the St. Hubertus theme of a respectful approach towards all creation, and to St. George, patron of gunsmiths. Artistically painted marksman plates (‚Schützenscheiben‘) have a long tradition in our culture. Many anniversaries and special occasions were impressively captured on wood and thus preserved for generations. The individual shooters’ names are usually written on the backside. An artistic testimony to a living tradition.“

THE FANZOJ CORE-TEAM – present on October 23rd: Muhe – CNC engineering, stockmaker Andi, master gunmakers Peter and Stefan, Master gunmakers in spe – our youngsters – Gregor and Matthias (second row).

So we stood together in the courtyard, seizing the historic moment. Our father, at the age of 88, gave a speech, thanked all those involved and praised this financial and future-oriented feat of his descendants. He recalled the resilience with which our family has braved all storms for nine generations.

Patrick carried out the ribbon-cutting and we went down into the shooting channel, where father solemnly fired the first shot from a single shot rifle 5.6x50RM, which he had built together with his father in 1958, with set trigger and manual cocking mechanism. Then CEO Patrick, then I (Daniela Fanzoj), and then the rest of the team took one shot each.

Johann Fanzoj senior taking the ”nostalgic shot“ from his father’s Kipplauf

This is how stories are created, and pages are filled in the family chronicle and company’s history. If goddess Fortuna and the ”spirit of the time“ are further in our favor, we will continue on this path – consistent, enthusiastic, curious.

Our team, clients, contributors, for enabling this journey, of building worldbest hunting rifles.
… and there is much more to come

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