With this famous quote, the pentathlon to Aesop was once challenged by the crowd to prove his alleged outstanding performance in the long jump on the island of Rhodes, which he repeatedly pointed out to them. ”Rhodes is Here, so jump right from Here!“, they demanded, meaning he should prove himself, what he can do, here and now.

(from Greek mythology)

Soon the veil of uncertainty is lifted. Life once again takes on a more concrete form, for one to either repeat the familiar or dare to delve into something new. We have learned to endure the uncertainty and to jump at the right moment to reach new shores.

Come accompany us on walk 3 into our world of Top Craftsmanship.

At some point we sat together and looked at the massive bascula, again and again, the dynamics of the scenes, the quality of execution, the complexity with over hundred deep-chiselled animals, the expression of the individual animals. An extraordinary concept, unbelievably good. No doubt, we had another fine piece of work in hand.

What would it take, however, to make it EXCEPTIONAL, different, new, something we could not see yet at that moment? It took time, weeks, and suddenly it became clear what this object needed, we had to dare into a complete COLOR INVERSION.

Darkness. We exposed the metall parts to a multi-coating process, where we first hardened and then chemically blackened the receiver; then the engraving was brought back to life by meticulously converting everything we wanted to be visible from the deep blackness with gravers and polishing tools. Once we had jumped, things started to flow again.

Platinum. We balanced the stirring scenes of masses of animals on the main frame with a striking symmetrical African ornamentation running over the top and bottom of the receiver, barrels and scope rings. Engraver Mack could not restrain himself here :-), and individually inlaid over 550 little platinum triangles, which looks fantastic, by the way. On the small rifle parts we told stories of singular dramatic events and took out the background for maximum effect. Please note the incredible perspective achievement on the trigger guard; the animals seem to actually run towards the observer.

This whole work turned out a stunning interplay between dark/light, matt chased and shiny deep black surfaces in combination with flawlessly chiselled animal scenes. The use of platinum underscored the fine, understated, very masculine character. An entirely new design in the adornment of firearms was created, an unmistakable style element of our company.

The shot breaks. Matthias, the youngest addition to our team of craftsmen fires the first shot from this trendsetting tool.

We enclose a report from the Safari Club International magacine, together with a big Thank you to the SCI communication team for the recognition and continuous support.

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