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Juli 14, 2024

DRACON – A Voyage into the World of Dragons. Austrian Luxury Gunmakers Johann Fanzoj are taking the ancient idea of Guns & Art to a new dimension.

D r a c o n is an opulent ride into the mystical world of dragons, rulers over the elemental forces; powerful protectors and challengers alike on man´s eternal Search for the Dragon´s pearl.

A fantastic conceptual achievement, stunningly brought to life on a Fanzoj Premium bolt action rifle in cal. 300WM, complete with a set of exquisitely handcrafted case and accessories. A demonstration of craftsmanship skill and artistic talent.

Never before, artistic projects on weapons have been conceptionally reasoned so extensively and carried through so meticulously to the smallest detail. Company Johann Fanzoj thereby builds on a rich craftsmanship culture and skills passed down from generation to generation, providing lasting testimony to the social and cultural relevance attached to creating and decorating magnificent hunting weapons throughout human history. Fanzoj takes pride in fostering this unique set of craftmanship skills and continues to inspire and fascinate people worldwide for this ancient art form.

Stay with us the next weeks and experience D r a c o n unfold its wings on our website and social media channels Instagram and Facebook. Hope you enjoy.


The DRACON rifle is unique, a true Original. It took thousands of hours over the last three years to accomplish this exceptional project using a wealth of talent and craftsmanship of a very high level – worldbest artisans, Fanzoj gunsmiths and stockmaker, saddler, tool and case maker, and the creative crew, designer, engraver, goldsmith. The combined creativity and energy in this object is truly tangible.


We used platinum (alloy) as a most precious material to symbolize the conglomerate of revered draconian qualities. The dragon motifs were cut and shaped by hand from a solid platinum plate 2,5mm thick, then stably inlet into the underlying metal. The key aspect here is to be ever mindful of the adaptation to the radius and flexability of the underlying material.

Everything Dark carries a measure of Light – everything Light always contains a part of Darkness. Like the two sides of a coin. Such are the universal laws.


A powerful fire dragon frames the rifle´s butt end and protects the owner of this weapon from the entry of unauthorized energies.
The elaborately engraved skeleton butt plate is shaped as a dragon´s wing, specially designed and 3 dimensionally fitted to the stock. In the middle: A sculpted dragon of red gold is set into black ebony. All done by hand. A monumental effort.

A water dragon winds along the barrel, in eternal power-struggle with the fire, which powerfully emits from its mouth.
The “dragon” front sight base originates from a solid, square metal block into which a hole with the outer diameter of the barrel was drilled. The sculpture was then chiselled and worked by hand. The height and proportions must be calculated with great precision at this stage, in order to guarantee shooting accuracy later on at a range of 100m.


Always pushing a step further. Handmade by England’s renowned Vincent Rickards following Fanzoj´s design draft the gun case is an artwork in itself. From the leather chosen and workmanship to the removable magnetic compartments and other details, this case is simply incredible. Its wooden frame is bent to a radius in the center portion where the upper lid mates with the lower. Final fitting work became a cross-country forwarding job. “The concept required it, it had to be that way “, states Daniela Fanzoj, creative director of the family firm, simply. In fact, the upper and lower lid close into a perfect dragon wing shape.
The colour harmony is superb: red lizard leather, in combination with slate-grey und black leather. Sourcing the materials was a transatlantic effort, however, no other material would have conveyed the DRACON feeling so perfectly.

“Probably the most complex case ever done” (Vince Rickards, casemaker)

Impressions from ”The Making“ of DRACON

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