Triple-Barrel Smallbore Shotgun

― The Quail Gun ―

Possibly the smallest three-barreled gun ever built, in .410/.410/.410, with H&H-type sidelocks, one single trigger firing all three barrels in the sequence: right-left-bottom. Weight 2,4kg (5.2lbs).

It was a great challenge to fit a mechanism of such complexity into such a tiny action.

The trigger plate is only 12mm (0.47-inch) wide. On this triggerplate the single-trigger mechanism for all three barrels, as well as the lock for the third bottom barrel, must fit—and function correctly. Apart from crafting every single part from the full material, the design of this gun also involved a thorough reengineering of each component, and the relocating of the springs inside the action.

From a Set of Two shotguns dedicated to two birds (mallard and quail), we proudly present “The Quail Gun”—in .410/.410/.410