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Private Lounge


Immerse into our world of Artistic Craftsmanship

This is a protected area. Here we communicate exclusive content – present new projects, share fascinating insights on work processes and visions for future projects. Before we go to the public.

The Private Lounge is for enthused (both present and future) owners of Fanzoj products, and patrons of highest quality craftsmanship & artistry – to study, enjoy, comment, and to confirm their interest. Private and discreet.

Entrance to the Fanzoj Private Lounge is by recommendation and invitation only.

Please contact us directly under d.fanzoj@fanzoj.com, for more information and SIGN UP.

All content is intellectual property of company Fanzoj, not to be shared publicly.

All data collected will be treated in a strictly confidential manner and will not be passed on to a third party.