― A Fanzoj double rifle in cal. .470NE ―

A spectacular lion-zebra theme, portraying the stark contrasts in nature´s life-and-death, hunter-and-prey relationships.

With this project, presented in 2006, we broke with classic engraving on hunting arms for the first time. The rifle has no ornament but is instead covered with photorealistic animal scenes in dramatic black-and-white contrasts, which symbolize life´s opposites. A mixed technique of finest Bulino and deep-relief engraving.

Our first cooperation with extraordinary metal artist Richard Maier.

Lion and lioness – male and female part – complement one another in life and while hunting. The scene is surrounded by grass and vegetation. Two zebras are fleeing into the Unknown. Symbol: clouds of sand – behind death is lurking, symbolized by the big lion´s eye.

Bottom side: The visual focus is on the zebra motiv in the middle while the background is dominated by the big, expressive head and face of a lioness.

This lioness stands for the archetype of „the hunter“. The huntress appears overpowering coming up behind the prey. The zebra seems without a chance while it senses the approaching predator.

An international trendsetter for modern gun engraving.