The Great Migration

The crowning of any gun and rifle collection –

a rarity and challenge for every gunmaker

A Fanzoj double rifle in cal. .600NE/.600NE,
with spare barrels in cal. .470NE/.470NE

A dream of metal, wood, platinum, in a blend of color and exquisite materials, with deep relief hand engraving featuring over one hundred African animals, opulently framed in a luxurious gun case with finest accessories

….one can literally feel the earth trembling under the pounding hooves, dust flying kilometers high, when millions of animals are setting in motion, flowing over the rifle´s metal parts, running, jumping, climbing, some in panicky flight when sensing the nile crocodiles, while the big cats are majestically watching over the events, the ever ongoing cycle of life and death, conscious that their time will come… time to HUNT.

A beautiful story

Showing nature in all its splendour, brutality - and fragility