Johann Fanzoj is a Manufactur. This means that we have the machinery and technical skills for making all the components in house. Each and every product is designed and built within our workshop by a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic craftsmen, who combine centuries-old knowledge of traditional techniques with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.


Our in-house production allows complete control over every step of the gunmaking process, which guarantees our clients the highest quality, innovative power and discreetness in the elaboration of their special wishes.


The attitude towards precision is a state of mind. At Fanzoj it is a lifestyle.

Precision starts in the planning process where state-of-the-art technology is used to generate accurate 3D modeling design drafts. This creates the framework for the material preparation and processing, which then seemlessly blends into the manual skills of centuries old craftsmanship executed on the highest level.

A Fanzoj gun or rifle is planned and built one at the time – we are not a volume producer. Skilled manual craftsmanship makes up 80-percent of the total work involved, with hundreds, and sometimes thousands of hours involved in a single project.

With so much room for individualisation, the Fanzoj workshop plans each item individually – at times even from scratch so that the final product is completely unique.

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Metalwork – a complex universe of experiences, governed by manual skills where certain steps can not be rushed and everything is done as well instead of as fast as possible.

On one side, the barrels. On the other side, the actions. In the middle: hundreds of years of knowledge and skills from master gunmakers.
Barrel making, jointing, crafting locks, trigger mechanisms, safeties. A series of key technical processes – unique to each weapon – lead to the assembly of the gun, and eventually the shaping of the profile of the action, where steel is sculpted artfully with fine chisels into sharp lines and graceful arcs that lend individual character to each single piece.

Being a gunmaker, consequently, is more vocation than only profession today. The ultra-customization and diversity of our product range require a highly qualified team with broad skills and long year training in the traditional gunmaking techniques – “old knowledge” – that we carefully preserve and foster within our company.


There is an unmistakable smell, a warmth, and a quality to walnut wood, displayed in seemingly infinite variations of color, contrast and pattern.

People are fascinated when they enter the “Treasure Chamber” – our wood room – to choose their personal stock blank together with the gunmaker.

We craft our gun stocks from first-class Circassian walnut burl, the strongest and most beautiful wood
in the world, stored for decades to bring the natural humidity down to below 10-percent.

Each stock is carved by hand and custom-fitted to the client´s personal measurements, to produce a perfectly balanced hunting firearm that responds naturally and fluidly to the shooter´s eyes and hands.

Time consuming filing and sanding techniques are combined with a secret recipe of traditional oils laboriously applied over many months, to bring life to the wood’s complex color and grain, producing an extraordinary mirror-like finish, which is not only beautiful but simultaneously protects the wood even from rugged use.


The engraving – an ancient and exquisite art, highlight of aesthetic perception and class.

We master the full range of techniques and styles, from classy, understated scroll ornament to magnificent relief engravings, to the finest Boulino (burin), that give each hunting weapon its unmistakable uniqueness.

We always encourage our clients to join in the process with their personal ideas, to become a protagonist in the process of building their personal fine guns.

Some of our projects take years to execute, beginning with extensive research about a particular idea on to countless sketches and brainstorming sessions. A step-by-step process of total creativity, down to the final result: a one of a kind, one piece only gun or rifle for the most discerning customer.

All our engravings are executed by hand, without exceptions, by top-of-the-line master engravers. The human element inherent in a hand-cut is as unique a feature as the distinctive lines left from the bristles of Michaelangelo´s brush.

We are privileged to work with and commission some of the finest Master engravers in the world, some of them exclusively.


Johann Fanzoj rifles are technical masterpieces, as complex as a mechanical Swiss watch, but also required to withstand highest gas pressures of thousands of joules. They must, at the same time, work smoothly and reliably under varying and sometimes adverse environmental conditions.

The “regulating” of a completed rifle is crucial. The mechanical functions of all internal parts are carefully inspected – trigger pulls, striking, opening, ejecting, and closing, with the goal of making an utterly safe gun whose components work in harmony with one another.

It takes an experienced gunsmith to achieve the elegant sounds that a finely regulated mechanical object makes when it is operated – the perfect crisp trigger pull, for example, or the soft click of a safety as it is pushed. This is what brings satisfaction to the maker and to the customer alike.


Fanzoj products are known for their mechanical quality, safety and for their durability. Because a Fanzoj rifle or shotgun must not just be beautiful: it must be perfect, in all respects.

Every Fanzoj creation results from a structured quality-controlled process, and before leaving our premises, it undergoes a thorough testing procedure during which the hunting suitability – its “fitness” – is checked until all criteria are met.

The greatest reward for us is in the joy and recognition of the client, in him or her understanding what has been attempted in our work.

„Each product that leaves the Fanzoj workshop is unique. We thank our clients for enabling us to continuously explore new realms and technical challenges to unlock our full potential and surpass ourselves over and over again.„