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June 02, 2023

“MOUNTAIN KINGDOM”: The unique pairing of ancient craftsmanship skills with modern long-range expertise in a Johann Fanzoj single shot rifle, cal. .338 Lapua Magnum

A grande rifle project in our company has reached completion, authorized to go public. A cooperation with an extraordinary man and hunter who has kept the hunting community in suspense for years with extreme adventures of which others could only dream. His travels lead him into unexplored mountain worlds and high altitudes where man and nature meet eye to eye despite optimum equipment and ideal preparation. Where the air is thin and control over the elements remains an illusion.
He is a hunter, gun collector, marksman, long-range expert going to extremes, in pursue of perfection, and he trains all year round, thousands of rounds, for the one, decisive, accurate shot – when “the hunt is on”. A man, who prefers to step back behind his performance and remain anonymous to the world. His trademark: AmmonAmmon75.

“I had a vision of a firearm that would combine all of my accumulated experience and demands for precision and aesthetics. The planning has been happening in my head, for years.
The Fanzoj company has implemented this vision in a way that is unique in the world. Every single part of this rifle is a completely new development: barrel, weight, dimensions, ergonomics, mounts.”

Watch two different worlds, both in pursue of perfection, intertwine in the trailer “MOUNTAIN KINGDOM”. Please enjoy.


When Ammon first visited our house in 2020 the passion and intensity with which he immerses himself into a realm immediately created a common ground on which he and CEO Patrick Fanzoj hit it off. What followed was a joint journey over two years in which our team was able to implement his vision.

“I didn’t want a gun for the shop window, but a tool that I can use at minus 30 degrees Celsius and that I can rely on.
I’m a perfectionist. Only at Fanzoj I have found what meets my high standards and expectations.”


This rifle is a tribute to the world-record Marco Polo Argali, taken at ”the roof of the world“ in Tajikistan in 2018. The memory of an unforgettable pursuit in 5000 meters altitude – encapsulated in wood, steel, platinum. An heirloom that will create value for generations to come.

The unique pairing of old-world craftsmanship with modern long-range expertise in a Johann Fanzoj single shot rifle, cal. 338 Lapua Magnum.

The rifle is built around a traditional mechanism with break-down action and ultra-stable bloc closure. Every component was exclusively designed for stability in cooperation with the client: barrel, weight, dimensions, ergonomics, mounts. The deep-relief engraving by master engraver Franz Mack impressively captures Ammon’s world record hunt for Marco Polo. The mountain world with its majestic animal species almost seem alive. Lines of ornament inlaid in platinum run over all bascula parts, with each little horn and triangle dove-tailed by hand. Even the honey-colored stock of Circasian walnut burr with a striking marbled black-and-white structure was chosen to complement the rifle theme. A fabulous work of art with the functionality of a long range rifle.

“This rifle has benchrest quality. It can compete with the most precise weapon systems in the world.
… it shoots like a .243Win, no recoil at all! Everyone I gave this gun to was amazed and absolutely delighted.

… and the aesthetics blew me away.”

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