― A Fanzoj Sidelock Double barrel rifle, in cal. .375HH Mag ―

The endless distances of the tundras, the swamps and pine forests of the Northern Hemisphere are home to the largest wild animals of the North: Bear and Deer; and habitat also to their most dangerous enemy, the Wolf.

Together they form a trio immersed in the perpetual cycle of Hunter and Hunted, of Life and Death.
Capturing these relationships, in their physical and spiritual aspects, and transform them into metal and wood was theme and challenge of this weapon.

The Weapon

An elegant Sidelock Double barrel rifle in cal. .375/.375HHMag, with 61cm chopper lump barrels, automatic ejectors, custom-made stock of luxury grain Circasian walnut burr, hand-rubbed oilfinish, mounted with special three-feet claw mounts to a Swarovski 1-6×24 Z6i; regulated to 75m
The rifle is without visible screws and pins. The sidelocks can be taken apart with a special Torx instrument only.


The BLACK WOLF releases the „spirit of hunt“ to flow all over the rifle

Upper/bottom side:
The Black Wolf on top of the action, with its determined expression, symbolizes the beginning of the hunt. The moment the hunter moves the opening lever to break and load the rifle — the black wolf dreams, and the spirit of the hunt flows through him, through the clouds and moon symbols all over the rifle. The Black Wolf´s counterpart can be found on the bottom side of this extraordinary rifle.

The teeth-baring WHITE WOLF symbolizes the moment of the life-ending shot.

Left/right side:
Wolf and Bear are hunting competitors, they both hunt the Deer. From the background they make out and observe their prey. The majestic stag senses the hunter and its own inevitable fate. The Deer´s breath stands for Life the eyes of the hunter in the background for Death.

The majestic Stag senses the Hunter and its own inevitable fate

Exquisite craftsmanship on the highest technical level, engraved by metal artist Ritchi Maier, opulently framed in a luxurious case with finest accessories make this composition Deerhunter a visual experience and rare collector´s piece.

The weapon is bedded in an exhibition leather gun case, with interior-lining of precious black Moiré silk complete with knife, handcrafted tools and accessories of silver nickel and ivory.
The gun case bears a secret, and reveals the Wolf´s inner nature: A false lid on the upper case half — once removed — reveals the image of the Perfect Hunter: a Wolf looks the viewer right into the eyes.
(fine oil glaze by wildlife artist Rudi Kohl)

Some objects are pure harmony, they stimulate our senses.

This is such an object.