Sidelock double rifle

The Classic. Based on the great historic models, with original H&H-type sidelocks, automatic ejectors, chopper lump barrels made of Böhler chrome steel. The stock is custom-made of highest-grain Circassian walnut. Available in all classic European calibers, up to the most powerful big game cartridges.

Technical Specifications


From .22 Hornet to 700NE


H&H sidelock action, third lock rib extension, bolstered action sides, with extended top strap and trigger guard, removable striker discs, automatic ejectors, manual safety


Double trigger, with hinged front trigger


Chopper lump barrels of highest quality Böhler chrome steel, one-third rib, wide V-rear sight, one or more folding leaves, bead foresight, regulated to stipulated range and bullet weight


Custom made of Circassian walnut burr, exquisite oil-finish


Mounted with scope, metal pistol grip cap hinged to open, combined moon-protector foresight