M98 Original

At the turn of the 19th Century, one perfect bolt-action rifle was introduced, to be remembered forever as: The Mauser 98. Since then, over 100 million rifles have been produced on this action, a testament to the design´s greatness.

Our Standard bolt-action rifle is just that: authentic, high quality, and absolutely reliable.

Technical Specifications


270WM, 7×57, 7×64, 30-06, 8x57IS, 9.3×62


Original M98 DWM Argentino action, Fanzoj direct adjustable trigger, three-position safety


High quality Böhler barrel steel, open sights


Custom-made stock from Circassian walnut burr, hand-rubbed oil-finish


Small scroll, checkered bolt, blackened action parts; maker´s name, caliber and serial number engraved (in gold)


Emblem of client´s choice on magacine plate or metal pistol grip cap