Elegant Johann Fanzoj Single shot rifle, cal. 7x65R



NEW. Elegant Johann Fanzoj Single shot rifle, cal. 7x65R, weight 3kg/6.6lbs, with octagonal barrel, security handcocking mechanism, a triple lock (Kersten lock), double set trigger where the rear trigger is designed to set the front trigger. Engraved by Peter Schaschl with a beautiful ornament, chamois game scenes on the right, roedeer on the left side. Stock of top luxury Circasian walnut wood, dark-reddish and strongly marbled, blue triggers with light-colored action parts give the rifle a fine, elegant look.
Total rifle length 104,5cm/40,9inch, barrel length 61cm/24inch. Length of pull is 37cm/14,5inch
The rifle is mounted with a swivel mount to a Zeiss Victory 2,5-10x50M, ret. 60. POA.

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