Коллекция 2020 года

― Изысканные ружья и винтовки из оружейного дома Johann Fanzoj ―

Мы рады возможности представить Вам в нынешнем году чудесную коллекцию экспонатов, в поддержку нашей деятельности на мировом рынке. Каждый из этих экспонатов является уникальным произведением искусства, среди них имеются двуствольные и одноствольные ружья, наша уникальная серия титановых карабинов, а также бокбьюксфлинт — редкое двуствольное ружьё с вертикальным расположением стволов-пулевого и дробового. Богатство традиционного ремесленного искусства Старого Света в сочетании с современными представлениями о старинном ремесле, в которых воплощены исключительные навыки и инновационный потенциал нашей компании. Кроме того, великодушие Клиента позволяет нам показать некоторые выдающиеся проекты штучного авторского оружия, которые иначе никогда бы не попались на глаза широкой публике.

Позвольте пригласить Вас в наш мир художественного мастерства, где Вы обогатитесь новыми визуальными и тактильными впечатлениями.

За более подробной информацией или по вопросам приобретения данных изделий просим обращаться напрямую к нам:
d.fanzoj@fanzoj.com, Tel. +43 4227 2283

Fanzoj The Great Migration

A spectacular double rifle in caliber .375HHMag with spare barrels in caliber .308W. Engraving concept: ‘the great migration’ relates to the treacherous annual journey of millions of wildebeest from the Serengeti to the Mara River. This magnificent spectacle is depicted vividly and elaborately on the gun parts, with deep relief hand engravings of more than 100 African animals recalling their role in the eternal cycle of life and death, the hunters and the hunted. The heads of the Big Five are all inlaid in platinum on otherwise black surfaces, underscoring the fine, understated masculine character of this rifle. The rifle is embedded in an exhibition crocodile-hide gun case (Vince Rickards), along with finest handcrafted accessories. Engraved by Austrian master engraver Franz Mack. A beautifully balanced ensemble in both style and color. This rifle is Number 2 of a limited series of total 3 Big Game double rifles themed to ‘the great migration’ and executed over a seven-year time span.

Fanzoj Kipplauf 5,6x50RM

Fanzoj’s smallest Kipplauf, in cal. 5,6x52R, is a beautifully handcrafted round-body single shot rifle. Short and lightweight, with octagonal barrel, built in the range of the most effective small center-fire cartridges available; with underlever opener, safety hand-cocking mechanism, forward set trigger as a special feature. Weight: 2.2kg; barrel length: 58.5cm; overall length: 101.5cm. The stock is made from Circassian walnut burl shown with a strong marble figuring. It has a forend tip of buffalo horn, and a traditional leather covered recoil pad. The rifle is mounted with a Swarovski Z3 3-10×42 scope, with a quick release swivel mount. Engraving: fine bouquet scroll engraving, case color hardened (St Ledger). The rifle comes complete in a cognac-brown custom-made leather case with accessories.

A delightful little tool, precise, quick and elegant.

Fanzoj Kipplauf KB-1

A beautiful traditional rifle, and a modern precision tool. The Fanzoj Kipplauf KB-1 rifle combines our traditional handicraft skills for creating items of harmony and timeless aesthetics with state-of-the-art technology to achieve a synthesis of the traditional and the modern. Round-body action, with underlever or sidelever opener, ultra-strong “Kippblock” lock designed for exceptional precision and durability; with safety thumb-cocking mechanism; Fanzoj direct adjustable trigger, selected top-quality barrel steel, stress-relieved, with fully integral rib and rib extension. Stock: Custom made of luxury Circassian Walnut wood, hand rubbed oil finish. Handengraved to customer’s order

Available in steel or – unique worldwide — in  t i t a n i u m (Fanzoj KB-1 TITANIUM),  in any caliber of client´s choice. Interchangeable barrels allow for carrying one gun with multiple calibers.

Fanzoj The Leopard

A Johann Fanzoj Premium bolt action rifle, cal. 300WM, from a set of three spectacular weapons themed to “the  l e o p a r d : rifle, knife and pistol. Each piece unique, stunningly engraved by Richard Maier. The mix of scrimshaw, deep relief- and bulino engraving, gives depth and at the same time creates a three-dimensional effect, impressively demonstrating the talent and versatility of one of the greatest metal artists of our time*

Many hundreds of hours alone were spent depicting the realistic animals´skin texture on top of each weapon, up to the base of the barrel. A deep-chiselled work of the finest detail. Spectacular scrimshaws in fossilized mammoth tooth material seem to almost come alive, as if ready to jump at the observer. One of the challenges in such a project is to create stable connections between organic materials — wood and ivory — that may react to humidity and temperature changes.

The rifle comes in an exhibition leather´oak  gun case with handcrafted accessories of mammoth tooth, 24k gold-plated, with a leopard portrait on the case lid (oil-on-wood painting; a special feature in our cooperation with wildlife artist Rudi Kohl)

Fanzoj Thunder and Lightning Horse


Thunder & Lightning: The duality of all being embodied in the breathtaking images of a black and white stallion. This rifle is from a set of two luxurious bolt action rifles, both cal. .375HHMag, handcrafted using the finest materials, stunningly engraved by world renowned metal artist Ritchi Maier. The b l a c k  s t a l l i o n  is currently available to view.
The precision workmanship is immediately evident. Light-colored and highlighted black metal parts harmonise wonderfully with the rifle´s dark, reddish stock. Horse hair and plaited mane details were artistically modelled in the steel and flow in marvellous detail all over the gun.
The incredibly fine horse image on the magacine plate is engraved on a solid 18k white gold plate and has a border of 86 flawless Top Wesselton diamonds, which give it a virtually divine brilliance – a regal quality.


A fabulous theme, brought to life on a bolt-action rifle in cal. 300WM, embedded in an exquisite case (Vince Rickards) with details of red lizard leather and finest handcrafted accessories. The whole ensemble is unmatched in creativity and level of detail. Design concept: Dracon is an opulent ride into the mystical world of dragons, rulers over the elemental forces; powerful protectors and challengers alike on man´s eternal search for the Dragon´s pearl. Powerful the Earth Dragon, wingless with branches and leaf-like scales. Magnificent the wings of the Air Dragon, that spans in marvelous detail across the upper parts and bolt. A Water Dragon winds up the barrel, in an eternal power-struggle with the unleashed Fire Dragon, which secures the rifle´s butt end against unauthorized energies. The implementation of this complex theme, on such different surfaces and levels, with masterfully deep chiseling and gold or platinum inlay work is remarkable. An accompanying book with stunning photography tells the full story.

Fanzoj The Bockbüchsflinte Falcon in Gold

A delightful little masterpiece in 20gauge/ .222Rem. Versatile, elegant and light-weight. Masterfully handcrafted of exquisite materials, with best field handling.  Weight: 2,45kg / 5,4lbs. The engraving features a magnificent, rich ornament with 24k gold inlays, with feathers and birds of prey woven into the ornament. Hand-engraved by Franz Haas, one of the best ornament engravers of our time.

We are currently experiencing a revival of this beautiful traditional European model, featuring one rifle and one shotgun barrel. Initiated by an individual customer´s order, we had re-designed the technical and aesthetic concept, and re-introduced it, perfectly composed with modern quality steels, on a Fanzoj round-body action with sidelever opener. With much success: from the mountain hunter down to Arab countries, clients are delighted by the aesthetics and versatility of this gun. Planned, designed and masterfully handcrafted 100% in our manufacture this elegant and light-weight gun model is a sample of craftsmanship at its finest. Available in 20ga or .410ga (smooth barrel), in combination with any high-powered small rifle barrel up to cal. 5,6 (rifle barrel)

Fanzoj Titanium TI-3 Bolt-Action Sporting Rifle

The Fanzoj TI-3 is a unique bolt-action rifle with all components made of titanium alloy. The latest Fanzoj TI-3 model’s basic design remains that of the original Mauser M98 yet with technical modifications to the action that improve accuracy and stability. A new, direct adjustable titanium trigger and ultra-stable titanium scope mount emphasize the exclusivity and high-performance character of today’s TI-3. On display: TI-3 Titanium rifle in cal. 300WM, elaborately engraved with 24k gold inlays, beautiful stock of strongly marbled Circassian walnut; complete with custom case, Swarovski Z8i 2-16×50. A substantial effort, the first time actually, that Fanzoj has engraved a Titanium rifle with a complex ornament and light-color surface finish, as the material´s special properties make it almost impossible to engrave.