”What a pleasure it is behold the new photographs … thank you, I am entirely enamoured. Especially in our current extraordinary times. Times when we know so little of where we will be in a week, month or six. It is in times like this that a devotion to time-intensive high craftsmanship, based in centuries of experience, reminds us to go on. That disasters and pandemics have occurred in the past, and the human spirit prevailed.“

(client´s quote, March 27th, 2020)

Johann Fanzoj

Dear valued clients & friends of Johann Fanzoj

The world is spinning a little slower these days. Time to go into detail, and show you what is going on inside a world that transcends all common concepts of time, a world governed by manual skills where certain steps can not be rushed and everything is done as w e l l instead of as fast as possible.

In the coming weeks we plan to give an exclusive insight into details of our work which we hope will be – uplifting and enjoyable. Let the various forms of beauty to be discovered in the human’s power to create be a source of inspiration, a proof, that generations before us have defied the storms of time – and prevailed. Be inspired by the passion, dedication and pursuit of excellence shown by world best artisans and artists, masters of their craft, in and around our company, who all share in the dedicated effort to create masterpieces – for your pleasure, for posterity.

We look forward to setting out on this journey together, hope you enjoy, and we would much welcome your personal comments.

Company Johann Fanzoj
Patrick & Daniela Fanzoj

Impressions from crafting one of our new s/s Triggerplate round-action shotguns

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