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The attitude towards precision is a state of mind. In our company it has become a lifestyle. It defines the level of quality and refinement an organization can potentially reach, when the concept of being precise effectively permeates all processes and areas and becomes an integral conception aspect with All involved. Precision of thought and of execution – a clear guide for making good decisions, at any stage. Vital in a small, highly specialized master workshop like ours, with such high responsibility for the end product, where skilled manual craftsmanship composes 80-percent of the total work involved.

Our reason for integrating all work steps – from know-how, design, prototyping and execution – in-house with the ability to have total control over the process.

In the design phase of our new KIPPLAUF KB-1 we challenged ourselves with a complete RE-DEFINITION of this important historical model, which so well reflects our very own Alpine-European hunting traditions and values. Today´s requirements for such a product have changed, and we wanted to find a solution that incorporated our craftsmanship skills for creating items of harmony & timeless value with a modern high-precision functionality. THE SYNERGY OF TRADITIONAL OBJECT AND MODERN PRECISION TOOL.

The primary aim was to eliminate all possible vibrations that occur when a shot is fired and in turn that effect the breech. To do so, we defined a mechanism in which the locking surface is in close proximity to the breech block.

Let´s take a look at our locking system: an ultra-strong „Kippblock“ locks elegantly into the fully integral top rib extension on the barrel. Barrel and block form an absolutely solid unit in which the entire exerted forces of even the strongest modern high-powered cartridges are absorbed. Therefore, almost any modern caliber may be used. Optimized geometries furthermore guarantee stability and durability, and thus: accuracy.

The locking block is made of Böhler steel alloy with a tensile strength of 1,400N / mm2, very powerful, and is exposed to a high-tech surface treatment that provides perfect protection against corrosion and the toughest wear conditions. In fact, every single component of this weapon was subject to a careful selection of materials and bears different coatings depending on the area of application. Our barrels are made of high-strength AMS steel (Aerospace Material Specification), subjected to a DUPLEX surface heat treatment with diamond-like external hardness.

The rifle is of high aesthetics, a round-body action with artfully sculpted shapes and classic lines that flow harmoniously into one another, unmistakable expression of a skillfull gunsmith´s mind and hands. A sophisticated, beautiful product, perfectly regulated, an area where modern massproduction can never follow.

In the meantime we build the KB-1 not only in steel, but also worldwide unique in TITANIUM, and optionally with a CUSTOM CARBON STOCK. The concept of the KB-1 is incredibly versatile (weight range 2 – 3,5kg/ 4,5-7,7lbs!) and impresses with the high quality and uniqueness of the materials. Due to the special combination of materials/stock ergonomics and muzzle brake our extremely light-weight variants handle comfortably with a barely noticeable muzzle rise.

This weapon is a high-precision instrument, in classic style with contemporary innovations, and consistently excellent shooting performance.

The following KB-1, cal. 7x65R for a German customer, has just returned from case color hardening. Now starts the regulation and fine-tuning work. Last week, Matthias, our youngest team member, was shooting it for the first time. Test series are typically with 3-4 types of factory ammunition to evaluate which load harmonizes best with the rifle. Looking good!

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