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August 25, 2019


Our young team did a perfect job last year, extraordinary rifles were delivered to satisfied customers worldwide, and when the opportunity to a unique adventure came up, we seized it!

In August 2018 a group of eleven Fanzoj professionals & friends sat on the plane to Johannesburg, well prepared and excited beyond words to experience AFRICA, and to create unforgettable bonding memories.

We were invited to hunt on one of the largest private game reserves in South Africa where on 85.000ha a nearly self-sustaining nature paradise has been re-established over the last fifteen years, with much care, expertise and great financial commitment. A nature jewel with over 30 mammal species, and four of the BigFive, lions, eagles, hyenas, vulptures etc.. Not least because of hunting which is carried out moderately and responsibly and generates the income to protect animals and infrastructure.

From the minute our friends picked us up we indulged in the stunning landscape and richness of wildlife, the luxurious infrastructure, unforgettable dinners in the red Kalahari sand, and a great, highly professional staff which we never dreamed of. Two different worlds came together on this trip and engaged with enthusiasm and respect: Worldclass gunmakers for who building rifles is profession and vocation, and top professional PHs for who their rifles are not only work tool but life insurance.

Consequently the Fanzoj experts were requested to bring along a suitcase full of tools &instruments, and tend to the resort´s substantial rifle arsenal, of which some rifles were in dangerous shape. We did what we could out there to service &repair, to the delight of our hosts and learned some great stories on the way, of life and death in Africa .

We invite you to join us over the upcoming month to see what an African adventure can be!

Intro Trailer / Fanzoj African adventure

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