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30 сентября, 2023


Life means change, and company Fanzoj has taken on a new major challenge by diving into the Long Range Precision realm – with the usual standards of perfectionism. Probably no other .338LapMag rifle has received as much attention and client input as this Johann Fanzoj Kipplauf KB-1 LR (Long Range) working model, designed, engineered and built as a bespoke precision tool in a unique cooperation with extreme international hunter and long-range expert AmmonAmmon75.

The founder of and organizer of “extreme shot Italia competition”, Rod Formosa, has has picked up on this unique cooperation. Follow Rod’s expertise and comments how a Fanzoj Single shot rifle cal 338LapMag built around a classy mechanism competes with the most precise rifle systems in the world.

The Austrian Legacy. Creating the Dream Rifle with Johann Fanzoj.

“We were recently approached by a bespoke luxury gun and rifle manufacturer with sufficient experience to remember the day that President George Washington delivered the first State of the Union Address in January 1790, they were established in that same year! It was the same period of the French revolution ending in the late 1790s with the ascent of Napoleon Bonaparte. That hit me like the recoil of the 375XC the first time I squeezed the trigger on it. This is an old-world gun maker that is still around, thriving with ideas and harboring the drive to plan and see through any project you can dream of.”

( / June 17th 2023, by Rod Formosa)

Most likely no other .338LapMag rifle has received as much attention and client input as this Fanzoj Kipplauf 338LM ”Working model“

“Don’t take our word for it, watch the video below to understand the needs of discerning hunters that commission these builds. Ammon Ammon is seen in this production mounting his Fanzoj Kipplauf 338 Lapua Magnum rifle in the field, taking position and making the shot of a life time during one of his outback adventures in Canada.”

Johann Fanzoj Kipplauf in Action – video courtesy of @RECORDBREAKINGHUNTER and

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