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14 июля, 2024

“THE SNOW LEOPARD” – A tribute to the extraordinary beauty and wildlife at the roof of the world

A celebration of craftsmanship, creativity & purpose. Our company was commissioned to put our unique technical & artistic skills in the service to telling the story of nature’s fragile balance and human dedication to sustainably manage these invaluable ressources on the glacier-covered mountain ranges at the roof of the world. Immortalized in steel and wood.

This project challenged us to the limits — technically, creatively and artistically. “The Snow Leopard” ties in with magnificent pieces of Weaponry Art of bygone times and enabled us to demonstrate what is possible to create by using means of ancient craftsmanship skills in conjunction with the most modern technology. A joint effort of worldbest craftsmen and artists. A meaningful way for leveraging the strong visual power of our work to raising awareness for the beauty and fragility of these threatened nature environments, and the important role that hunting plays for conservation.

Thank you very much, Chris Dorsey, biologist, TV- producer, widely traveled sportsman and leading voice for conservation, for so effectively portraying our efforts and aspirations for Forbes Magazine.

“Bringing a modern vision to an ancient craft is the mission of Daniela and Patrick Fanzoj who, like their father Johann ‘Hans’ Fanzoj, have pioneered new markets for their bespoke firearms. They see yet another mission, however, in the company’s future. It is to blend the story of craftsmanship and artistry at the center of their productions with the role that hunters have played in conservation across the globe.”

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Snow leopard head in 18k white gold, lined by blue sapphires, at the rifle’s forend tip.

The gun case is a magnificent artwork in itself. From color concept to the exquisite materials – white maple, sycamore, leather, lapislazuli, fabulous marquetry inlays and oil-on-wood painting Rudi Kohl – a display of great harmony.

The Snow Leopard masterpiece is revered as one of the most luxurious rifles in the world.

Mechanical excellence and worldbest metal art, dedicated to the beauty and wildlife at the “roof of the world”.


“The Snowleopard” showcases a magnificent deep-relief ornamental work of great complexity, executed to perfection by Austrian master engraver Franz Haas. Precious gold & platinum inlays span over the metal and wood parts in unmatched splendour, highlighted by pave-inlaid blue sapphires. The largest mountain game species from the country’s unique wildlife are featured – Marco Polo Argali, Mid Asian ibex, Urial sheep and Markhor.

Motifs, choice of colors and materials testify to our company’s attempt to deeply engage with the beauty and culture of Tajikistan.

Impressions from “The Making” process

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