Fanzoj Special Projects

"The most important achievement of company Fanzoj is, in my opinion, the full understanding and approach to the deep symbolism inherent in the subject, in a successful attempt to point out a different, deeper and more harmonious relationship to the world, which has been particularly noticeable in recent years' rifle themes..."

"Fanzoj´s work is unquestionably an unprecedented achievement in weapon aesthetics"

(Vladimir Tikhomirov, Russian hunting and outdoor journalist)

The privilege to create items for posterity

Johann Fanzoj has taken the idea of guns & art to a new dimension. Never before, artistic projects on weapons have been conceptionally reasoned so extensively and carried through so meticulously to the smallest detail.

The firm masterfully understands to focus world-class artisanal resources, technical minds and artists to create exceptional mechanical masterpieces and use those as a canvas for capturing stories about life and death, passion, hunting, nature, themes which appear unmasked as in no other métier.

In many hundreds, often thousands of hours extraordinary works are envisioned and brought to life, objects of culture and value, masterpieces in the true sense: the Best creative minds and skilled hands can do in their time.

The following items are unique pieces that we have built in the past. Originals. The one and only existing piece, never to be reproduced; in fact, impossible to reproduce because creativity is an ongoing, progressive process, and new projects are urging to realization already.

We will be glad to supply information to ongoing projects.

The Ivory Hunter

A three-year project based on a Fanzoj Carabine rifle of the legendary African caliber .416 Rigby

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The Great Migration

A Fanzoj double rifle in cal. .600NE/.600NE, with spare barrels in cal. .470NE/.470NE

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A Fanzoj double rifle in cal. .470NE

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The Crocodile Rifle

A Fanzoj bolt action rifle in cal. .375HH Mag

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A Fanzoj Sidelock Double barrel rifle, in cal. .375HH Mag

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