― A Fanzoj bolt action rifle in cal. .375HH Mag ―

The reptile seems to wind over the metal parts of this luxurious bolt action rifle.

The single parts almost come alive with the archaic skin structure, deep engraved in fascinating detail and all its natural shades and depths – by hand – into the metal.

An artistic masterpiece.

A splendid overall composition with exquisite accessories.

The Weapon

Built around a Mauser 98 action, the best and safest bolt action mechanism in the world, in the proven caliber .375HHMag, with cold hammer-forged 65cm barrel of premium AMS (Aerospace Material Specification) steel; mounted with Swarovski 1,7-10×42 Z6i and regulated to 100m over scope and open sights. A perfect tool.

The gun stock is handcrafted from top-notch Circassian walnut root wood, the strongest wood in the world, stored for ten years to bring down the natural humidity to below 10%.


Wood Finish

The extraordinary „mirror“ surface is the result of time-consuming filing and sanding techniques in combination with traditional oils laboriously applied over many months bringing to life the wood’s complex depth of color and grain, and simultaneously protecting it even from rugged use.