The Art Gun.

„An appreciation of aesthetics and the will to live and propagate life are two of humanity´s most powerful impulses – and in an object that protects and feeds and can be made simultaneously beautiful, Art finds a canvas that is as old as Man´s ability to make tools and paint on the walls of caves.“

(Vic Venters, US Author, Gun Craft: Fine Guns & Gunmaking/21st Century)

Objects of Culture and Value

Weapons inhabit a unique place in the fascinating world of rare collectibles. Throughout human history, arms and armor have inspired awe and fascination alike, and have been the most important side companions of men and women over the millenniums. More than any other tool or technology, and for the longest period of time, weapons have been witnesses of pride, courage, distinction and social rank of the people who have commissioned and owned them.

That is why artistically decorated weapons can have highly symbolic meanings and served not only as everyday objects, but also as diplomatic gifts or even a demonstration of local craftsmen’s skills.

Art guns of the past, which today decorate museums or achieve maximum prices at auctions, provide lasting testimony of this incredibly high craft culture, and to the social and cultural relevance attached to creating and decorating magnificent hunting weapons over the centuries.

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