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June 02, 2023


What makes something a work of art? “Upscale Magazine” author James Essex initially asked himself, and after we got to know each other, he realized to his own surprise, that yes, a fine sporting firearm can become a work of art. We give him credit for spending time on in-depth research to familiarize himself with the subject, transcending current mainstream filters and censorship aimed at marginalizing hunting, as well as makers of fine sporting firearms like ourselves. He gleaned fascinating insight into an ancient craft, listed as UNESCO intangible world heritage, well capable of captivating the attention of the most discerning clientele.

Thank you much for this feature – “Upscale Magazine, an international Luxury Lifestyle Publication and premiere portal for offering the Best in Affluent Living”. To us this is significant, it heralds a new zeitgeist within a changing concept of luxury, inextricably linked to fine craftsmanship. True luxury means individuality, never to be found in a mass produced item. This fact inevitably brings companies like us in focus, as repository of a wealth of rare, old crafts, performed by master craftsmen who have trained their skills for decades to reach such a high level of perfection – metal- and wood craftsmen, blacksmith, goldsmiths, engravers, case and leather makers.

Quality craftsmanship is currently experiencing a tremendous renaissance. Human hands, eyes and minds in concert create tangible masterpieces, appreciated and sought after in these unstable times, when quick consumption or $$ in the bank can no longer satisfy human needs. Handcrafted items preserve emotional memories and can be passed on and treasured by future generations. They connect us with people, and that connection is more meaningful than ever.

Our family firm Fanzoj will continue to relentlessly focus our efforts to bring this form of luxury to the widest possible audience and to seek recognition for the inherent cultural and artistic achievements. The skill sets involved in building a luxury sporting arm links us directly to the beginnings of civilization and that can be marveled at in such a high degree as hardly in any other product. Our company makes great efforts to preserve and pass on these craftsmanship skills, to be cherished and enjoyed by future generations. As part of our collective memory.

Our company Fanzoj welcomes the opportunity to share our work and gladly open our doors to publications that have a serious interest in learning more. Inquiries to

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